How To Improve Windows 11 Performance With One Tool

 How to Improve Windows 11 Performance with one Tool

(Programearly) - Boosting and Optimizing the Windows System is still a nightmare for many of the users. So, I came up with a noob-friendly and interesting tool.
Many of us are not aware of this tool and it is “PC Manager” by Microsoft. It is a one stop solution for improving our PC/Laptop Performance and Disk Space with its cool features; more than that it is also a virus removal tool.

So, in this article, I will be breaking down its usage with real examples that helped me to speed up my PC.

Microsoft PC Manager

1. One Click Boost

This clears all Temporary Files and simultaneously reduces the Memory Usage of the System in seconds.
One Click Boost

2. Storage Management

It offers varies features that are used to manage the System Storage in an effective way. The Features include
  • Deep Cleanup – It scans the PC and displays the files that are usually not important and based on the selection, the data can be cleared.
  • Manage Large Files – It groups the files based on the File Size and with this we can easily decide whether this file is needed or needs to be cleared.
  • Manage Apps – This feature is linked to the “Installed Apps” Section where all the apps that are installed in the system are displayed.
  • Storage Sense – This is one of the cool features this allows us to clear temporary files that are stored. During low memory it automatically clears the data, or we can set a self-destruction time to clear the files.
Storage Management

3. Manage Running Process

It displays all background and Current Processes that are running. Based on our choice, we can end the desired tasks.
Manage Running Process

4. Health Checkup

It scans for viruses or threats from all files and folders, and at the same time it clears the temporary file data.
Health Checkup

5. Manage Startup Apps

In this section, we can enable/disable the Startup apps.

Manage Startup Apps

6. One Click Security Scan

This feature can be found on the “Security” tab that is located below. With just one click “Scan” It scans the complete system using the windows defender.
One Click Security Scan

7. Check For Latest Windows Version

Checking for the Windows Update is made easier with this feature.
Check For Latest Windows Version

8. Browser Protection

It displays our current default browser. We can also change our current default browser. Also, it has a feature for blocking the changes that may take place from malicious apps from the internet.
Browser Protection

9. Pop-up Management

It blocks the Pop-up from known/unknown sources. By default it is turned off.
Pop-up Management

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