What Programming Languages One Should Learn in 2023

An overview of the top programming languages is listed below and based on your interest and goal you can take one and start learning.

What Programming Languages One Should Learn

Over the past few years, internet usage has massively increased. A study says that approximately 175 new websites are created every minute and roughly 21.6 Billions app downloads are taken place.

So, picking the right path based on your goals and ideas decides the suitable programming language.
In this article, I will be giving you a general suggestion that will be useful for a beginner to get into programming.

Programming Languages to Get Started in 2023

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1. JavaScript

The most used programming language for websites is JavaScript. It can be used in both the frontend as well as the backend of the application. According to the StackOverflow study, over 98% of websites use JavaScript and about 67% of developers use javascript as their primary language for development.

2. Java

A popular general-purpose programming language that is great for beginners. Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages because the Java Virtual Machine enables it to run on almost any hardware and operating system. It's frequently used in the back end of software programs, including both mobile apps and large-scale enterprise applications. Also, Java is the foundation of Android OS.

3. Python

In recent times, python has gotten more attention from beginner programmers to professional programmers. It has a huge variety of libraries and this makes it use Python in all fields of development like Web, Mobile, and Cross-Platform.

4. Go

The Go is also known as Golang; it was developed by Google to support software development projects. The language uses similar properties of C programming and makes it easier to build and scale projects.

5. HTML and CSS

The Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a frontend framework that is used to create client side webpages by using various Tags and elements. Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) improves the webpage presentation by formatting the fonts, creating visuals, and more. And yes, it is a programming language, we should agree.

6. C

The low-level language which is used to develop modern desktop applications and databases. Learning C programming language helps you to understand how programs work and how computers can process our code. As a beginner in programming, one should learn and explore C programming to get an idea about other programming languages.

7. C++

The extended version of C is C++; it is well equipped for developing sophisticated applications like system software, drivers, embedded firmware, and games. C++ includes classes and objects, which allows you to represent real-life objects in the code.

8. Ruby

This is one of the best programming languages to get started in web application development. Ruby is a server-side language that is easier to learn as a beginner. Ruby is popular among developers because of its Rails Framework which is more flexible to use and many startups want to implement it in their web applications.

9. Swift

Swift is a programming language that was developed by Apple to create apps for iOS and macOS. Learning Swift is something you'd be interested in developing apps and doing it professionally will help you dive into IOS and MacOS software development.

10. C#

Microsoft created C# another well-liked C variant, to run on its .NET framework for Windows applications. In desktop programs, C# is still widely used. It is particularly well-known for being the language used by the Unity gaming engine. This implies that folks who are interested in creating video games will probably need to learn C# eventually.
Learning the concepts of C language will help you to get started in C#

Programming Languages and Job Type

1. Front-End Developer

The content that is displayed and the users can interact is Front-end. A Front-end developer takes complete care of creating the webpages using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

    1.1 Front-end Languages

  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript, these are the recommended languages.
  • In addition, you can learn the front-end frameworks like Reactjs, AngularJs, and Vue.js.

2. Back-End Developer

The complete process that takes place on the server side of the application, this includes connecting the database to the web application, maintaining the data that are processed, constructing the security of the website, and other backend processes.

    2.1 Back-End Languages

  • PHP, Python, and Javascript-these are the recommended languages to start the backend development journey.
  • In addition, you can learn the backend frameworks like Django from python, Expressjs from Nodejs, and Spring Boot from Java.

3. Full Stack Developer

The Complete Functional web application was created using frontend and backend technologies. As mentioned HTML, CSS, and Javascript, if necessary the framework was also included to create the web application.

    3.1 Some popular Stack is

  • Mern Stack - MongoDB - Expressjs - Reactjs - Nodejs
  • Mean Stack - MongoDB - Expressjs - Angularjs - Nodejs
  • Django Stack - JavaScript - Python - Django - MySQL
  • Ruby on Rails - JavaScript - Ruby - SQLlite - Rails
  • LAMP Stack - JavaScript - Linux - Apache - MySQL - PHP
  • LEMP Stack - JavaScript - Linux - Ngnix - MySQL - PHP

4. Android App Developer

The person who develops apps that run on android devices that include productive apps, gaming apps, etc.

    4.1 Languages for Android App Development

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C#
  • Dart

5. IOS App Developer

The mobile application only runs on an IOS environment that includes gaming apps, general apps, etc.

    5.1 Languages for IOS App Development

  • Swift - It is the official language of IOS and it is easy to learn
  • Objective C - It is a variant in C language and it is stable for ios app development.


These are the top most programming languages that are used in all kinds of software application development and have more developer communities for these languages. This is just a summarized article on the programming language that one should learn in 2023.

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